Friday, September 23, 2005

Unix Shell Scripts

A weekend between giving courses, thankfully back to talking Perl next week.
I have been teaching our Korn shell course this week and I enjoyed it, but....
Why do so many people think that Korn shell and Bash are the same?
Bash is hugely more powerful than ksh, with Extended Regular Expressions in version 3, and possibly associative arrays soon (looking at the source, it seems most of the code is already there). There are still things missing, for example ERE matching is supported, so wouldn't a substition statement be a small further step?
Yes I know, danger of feature bloat. With a little more work Bash could be the new Perl 5 ;-) There might actually be a place for that once (if) Perl 6 takes hold (double smiley).

Funny how conventional programmers tend to look down on shell scripting. And funny how system administrators, and their ilk, are expected to write scripts with no training on good programming techniques and practice. Companies spend huge amounts making sure their applications are fast and efficient, then some poor erk runs a badly written script and screws the entire system. Is it the erk's fault? Maybe, but more likely the person who put them in that position.

Here is my contention: anyone can write a shell script, but it takes skill and knowledge to write a good one.

I recommend: Classic Shell Scripting by Robbins and Beebe (O'Reilly) May 2005. The best book on the subject I have come across.

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