Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More of the same..

I havn't posted for a while. It's not that nothing has happened, its just that too much has! I'm afraid that the blog suffers when I'm busy. I have been madly updating our 'Advanced Perl with CGI and Web Applications' course, and I am quite pleased with the result. As always I reckon I learnt at least as much as the delegates will (although maybe on more obscure subjects).
For example, did you know you can use __DIE__ and __WARN__ signal handlers to trap Carp::croak and Carp::carp calls?

I returned home from teaching in the USA last Saturday to my latest multiple order from Amazon:
Object Oriented Perl by Damian Conway. A little out of date (2000) but good nontheless, written in typical Damian style. Hacking the Advanced Perl course (two chapters on OO) and reading this book has totally changed my views on Perl as an OO language. The book does not contain anything on inside-out objects, but you can see that Damian was almost there. We now have a chapter on this simple but effective means of encapsulation in the Advanced course.

Number two book is the "Pickaxe book", Programming Ruby. About time I read it, more on that later (hopefully).

Number three is "PHP and MySQL Web Development". A huge tome which (unlike OOP and Ruby) does not look like 'fun'.
Last but not least another O'Reilly pocket book, this time the Linux one. All these pocket books, I need huge pockets. Not to mention another bookshelf....

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