Wednesday, April 26, 2006

UNIX commands to Perl

This is a rough conversion table from UNIX commands to Perl.
Please note that there are not always direct single equivalents.

UNIX Perl Origin
. do built-in
awk perl ;-) (often 'split') built-in
basename File::Basename::basename Base module
cat while(<>){print} built-in
ExtUtils::Command::cat Base module
cd chdir built-in
chmod chmod built-in
chown chown built-in
cp File::Copy Base module
ExtUtils::Command::cp Base module
date localtime built-in
POSIX::strftime Base module
declare see typedef
df Filesys::Df CPAN
diff File::Compare Base module
dirname File::Basename::dirname Base modules
echo print built-in
egrep while(<>){print if /re/} built-in
eval eval built-in
exec exec built-in
pipe (co-processes) built-in
export Assign to %ENV Hash variable
find File::Find Base module
ftp Net::Ftp Base module
function sub built-in
grep see egrep
integer int built-in
kill kill built-in
ln -s link built-in
ls glob built-in
opendir/readdir/closedir built-in
stat/lstat built-in
mkdir mkdir built-in
mkpath ExtUtils::Command::mkpath Base module
mv rename built-in
ExtUtils::Command::mv Base module
od ord built-in
printf built-in
print print built-in
printf printf built-in
rand rand built-in
rm unlink built-in
ExtUtils::Command::rm Base module
rm –f ExtUtils::Command::rm_rf Base module
sed s/// (usually) built-in
sleep sleep built-in
alarm built-in
sort sort built-in
source do built-in
times times built-in
touch open()/close() built-in
ExtUtils::Command::touch Base module
trap %SIG Hash
sigtrap pragma
typeset my built-in
typeset –I int built-in
typeset –l lc built-in
typeset –u uc built-in
typeset -Z sprintf built-in

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