Wednesday, February 13, 2008


YAPM (Yet Another Perl Module) which I just uploaded to PAUSE.

This module enables the user to alter or query an unrelated process's
environment variables.

Windows allows a process with sufficient privilege to run code in another
process by attaching a DLL. This is known as "DLL injection", and is used here.


use Win32::EnvProcess qw(:all);

use Win32::EnvProcess qw(SetEnvProcess);
my $result = SetEnvProcess($pid, env_var_name, [value], ...);

use Win32::EnvProcess qw(GetEnvProcess);
my @values = GetEnvProcess($pid, env_var_name, [...]);

use Win32::EnvProcess qw(DelEnvProcess);
my $result = DelEnvProcess($pid, env_var_name, [...]);

use Win32::EnvProcess qw(GetPids);
my @pids = GetPids($exe_name);

This is another case where a question on perlmonks generated the interest. How do I get the child to create/alter an environment variables in the parent? Had this been on UNIX then the answer would be simple - you can't without having co-operating proceses. On Windows however DLL injection makes this possible.


I have done a brief investigation on how this might be achieved on Linux, but I don't think it can fly. The API ptrace(2) is a start, but the problem is in creating a thread in the host. Addresses in the host can be changed, but the environment block is not at a fixed location so far as I know, and without a symbol table I'm not sure how you would find it.

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