Thursday, September 08, 2005


Microsoft, good ol' Microsoft, have a bunch of (useful) Perl scripts on:
They only use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and they are a bit thin of explaination of the code, but it's a start. One day, maybe, I will get to write my "Perl Programming for Microsoft Windows" course.


Anonymous said...

Why wait for "one day"??

Clive said...

> Why wait for "one day"??

Good point. I'm not really waiting on a "day", but on my employer, who has to approve it and allocate the time. For example, right now I am reviewing our Unix Programming course in view of the new Steven's book (Advanced Programming in a Unix Environment).

I have started work on the Perl Windows course, I put in a proposal and outline to management recently, and I have been gathering snippets and examples. I also proposed a bunch of other courses, like low-level Unix programming using Perl. Putting a course together is non-trivial. I'll post when I'm done.