Monday, October 17, 2005


This conference is so cool, it is Arctic.
Went to the Database Tutorial this morning - another chapter to re-write! Not that there is anything wrong with the Perl Programming Appendix on DBI, but I just learnt so many cool things, that the chapter will probably double in size.
So what did find out?
First, my Perl knowledge is not so bad ;-) It is always worrying going up against a bunch of enthusiastic geeks, but hey, I don't think I let the side down. That was a confidence boost (even lecturers need that sometimes)
Next: dbi:DBM: is a prototyping database bundled with DBI, looks great for quick training demos
Next: queries can be done against a dbh, but this is not efficient (we don't mention that)
Next: if $sth->disconnect is not done, you can get a memory leak
Next: placeholders are very cool if you know how to use them (I feel lots of example slides coming on)
Next: I had missed dbh attributes before (set in the connect)
Next: Lots of things about RaiseError
Next: $sth metadata hashes are tied, so using these invoke method calls
Next: and other stuff as well

A lot I already knew, like American jokes don't work on a European audience.

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